A downloadable game for Windows

Made during a 1,5 week project.
We had one goal with this game and that was to make a game with unconventional controls.

In a world where fishermen fight over fishing rights to the colourful northern fjords in their trust fishing boats with swordfish launching harpoon launchers, juiced up high impact super swordfish and dangerous rubber duck naval mines. Only one fisherman can come out on top and claim the fjords for his nation, but in what nation’s honor will you raise your sail? And do you have what it takes to prevail over your opposition? Duke it out with your friends in a high octane party game/battle royale for 2-4 people, where only the bravest and most cunning fisherman can come out on top. Use the environment to your advantage, master the unconventional oar-based movement system and outsmart your opponents. Dominate the northern seas and bring honor to your nation in Unknown Fisherman Battlegrounds.

In essence, Unknown Fisherman Battleground is a 2-4 player battler, where the players row a boat with unlinked leftward and rightward force which, when applied together, force the boat forward - Other than this, the players have a harpoon launcher which rotates freely from the boat itself, with which they can launch swordfish at their opponents with the intention of sinking them. The last player whose ship has not sunk at the end of the battle wins.

Game Design:
Patrick Hälleby
Sebastian Routh
Johnny Chang
Erik Wahlström

3D Art:
Jim Naraha
Victoria Reinhold
Sigge Sandström


FishermanUnknownBattlegound.rar 267 MB

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