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This is a 10 Week student Project with 18 other students.
I acted as Creative Director, leveldesigner and programmer on this game.

Install instructions

Installing the game:

Step 1: Download the .zip file. Step 2: Right-click on the .zip file "Llama Palooza". Step 3: Click on "Extract files.." to choose a spot where the game will be placed or click on "Extract here" to place the files where the .zip is located. Step 4: Double left-click on the Llama Palooza application file and start playing!

* BEFORE YOU START THE GAME:      PC-controllers required for this game. (Such as Xbox One, PS4 or such controllers) Start the game with only ONE controller plugged in. There after, insert a controller one at a time. Patience is key

* In case you encounter a problem while playing, check these solutions:       If players get stuck, please press 4 on numpad.       If llamas get to areas where they can't be accessed, please press 5 on numpad.       If you get stuck on the score screen, please press the R key.



Llama_Palooza_Alpha_v2.rar 163 MB

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