A downloadable game for Windows

10 week Student project.

Vanja Waller
Felix Hansson

Game Writing:
Christoffer Ekberg
Agnes Benkö, 

Michelle Powell
Johanna Rasmussen,
Zara Wideman
Samuel Nilsson
Lukas Joersjö

Johnsson, Jonas
Karlsson, Johan

Patrick Hälleby
Mattias Westman
Oscar Pettersson


LostinDarknessGame.zip 156 MB


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I thought this was a great concept towards a game, loved the art style, the little notes laying around was cool, liked the subtle humour within them. 
I encountered a lot of bugs..(and im not just talking about the annoying bats bugging me every 5 seconds :P) but for starters i couldnt stop walking, would constantly walk to the right, no matter what. Pretty sure thats not apart of the game. The frame rates, especially on the second level were terrible, so bad that i couldnt continue with the game unfortunately. I can see this being a great little game, if i didnt have these problems. Maybe if i see you releasing another update to fix these in the future, I might give it another go, as i really do see potential here.  but as it was only a 10 week student project, then it's pretty good for that time frame.

Nice game

Cool game! Quite frustrating at times but mostly fun. 


Really Nice game :)


Beyond the massive fps drop, it's a well polished game. Keep it up.


This game was pretty well done guys!!  The art was beautiful, and the story has left us in suspense!!   We will do a part 2 follow up soon :)